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Bioenergy Balancing Center

Sarah McCroskeyHealing the Pain Body

By Photographer Margot Duane
Director/Certified Practitioner
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What is Bioenergy Balancing? How the Body Communicates How Does it Work? The Experience

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Energy Medicine: A New Paradigm for Health and Healing
Bioenergy Balancing is a comprehensive Mind/Body/Spirit model. We work with the body energetically — with full consideration of the role emotions, stress, trauma, beliefs and even generational patterning play in the physical manifestation of illness, dis-ease and aging.

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HumanSpirit Radio with Host, Sarah McCroskey joins News for the Soul Network!

Friday, March 23, 2018
@ 2-3 p.m. PDT
(4th Friday of EVERY month)

New for the Soul

Visit HumanSpirit Radio
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HumanSpirit Radio is an energetic broadcast and conversation to ignite and inspire Who We Are as evolutionary beings on an unstoppable path of self-discovery and awakening.
Bioenergy Balancing, as a healing modality, is based in both the Western, medical principles of anatomy, physiology, biochemistry and nutrition as well as the Eastern traditions of chi (life force, body energy or bioenergy) and the meridian/chakra system through which the bioenergy travels.

In Bioenergy Balancing, we work vibrationally with the body's energetic systems, tracking and providing the gentle energetic releases that assist the body in restoring physiological, biochemical and emotional balance.

As cutting-edge science and physics inform us, "Everything is energy." Globally, the healthcare paradigm is shifting to incorporate this knowledge — that living systems function with an intelligence far beyond mere mechanics.

If there is a problem, your body knows why. We tap into your body’s innate wisdom and let it direct the process of healing by showing us where and when things got off course.

Professionally trained and certified as a Bioenergy Balancing Practitioner in 1998, Sarah McCroskey has over a dozen years in private practice working with clients in person and now worldwide—VIA PHONE or AUDIO SKYPE.* With precision, Sarah works with your body’s consciousness and energy systems—to identify and release the underlying source of physical and emotional imbalance. Merging technical expertise with insight and humor with compassion, Sarah guides you on a journey of healing, depth and Self discovery.

Akin to other energy practices such as Acupuncture and Acupressure, Bioenergy Balancing (non-invasively) releases imbalances and energetic blockages within the body’s circuitry, restoring dynamic balance to the body and revitalizing health, flow and function.

A Step Beyond...The Consciousness Piece
Beyond merely restoring energetic flow, relieving symptoms and chronic conditions, Bioenergy Balancing addresses the role emotions and beliefs play in healing — nourishing consciousness itself and the soul’s path. You will discover the nexus between your physical/emotional health and your experiential history. The awareness of your soul-level journey comes into focus as you dissolve the hardwiring of your physiology and neuronal pathways by incidents, trauma and limiting beliefs. You've probably heard of Eckhart Tolle's work on the Pain Body; our work goes right to the heart of it! (for details, see article: Healing the Pain-Body and Bioenergy Balancing: The Process.)

More about Toxins, Microorganisms and Allergies...
Bioenergy Balancing is extremely effective at identifying and releasing food allergies such as milk, wheat and gluten, and seasonal/substance allergies (see the Allergy Resolution Now! website). We also address toxic exposures, parasites and microorganisms that often underlie "dis-ease" processes.

Bioenergy Balancing takes the guesswork out of healing and reconnects you to your body’s sacred wisdom. Professional, short-term and results oriented.

*Healing at a distance. Energy is not constrained by space and time. We "bring in" your energy field to communicate with your body’s consciousness and do the energetic clearings. Remote healing is equally effective — as if you were right here in the room with us. The linear mind may wonder how this could be, while the body gets it implicitly.


The body's wisdom and recall provide unparalleled potential
for healing and consciousness...
Bioenergy Balancing provides the access....

"Ring the bells that still can ring
Forget your perfect offering
There is a crack in everything
That's how the light gets in."

- Leonard Cohen
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(510) 231-2425

Sarah McCroskey
Director/Certified Practitioner

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Headshot by Margot Duane

Bioenergy Balancing does not constitute treatment, nor is it medical or diagnostic in nature.
It is not a substitute for qualified medical, therapeutic, or chiropractic care,
although it can work in a complementary fashion with any or all of these disciplines.
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What is Bioenergy Balancing? How the Body Communicates How Does it Work? The Experience