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   Health Matters A to Z ~ Our Approach to Your Concerns

Clinically, we have found some consistency in what underlies various conditions and how Bioenergy Balancing can provide direct assistance and welcome relief. Although each client is distinctly individual and brings specific life experiences and interpretations to bear, we've noticed trends worth mentioning.

In Bioenergy Balancing, we work vibrationally with the body's energetic systems (the "chi" or body energy that circulates through the meridians and chakras of the body). Through kinesiology, we dialogue with the body about what is happening physically, biochemically, emotionally and spiritually. The body will reveal with precision, distinct events that became trapped in the body's circuitry because they were too difficult to experience at the time they occurred. These energetic blocks can prevent oxygen, nutrients and proper instructions from getting to the tissues and organs, resulting in physical symptoms, biochemical errors, recurring emotional patterns and limiting beliefs. Once the incident and helpless feeling is identified, we assist the body in releasing the blockages from the body by tracing the particular meridian(s) against the way it typically flow, applying gentle pressure. This allows the trapped energy to be released, and allows the emotional content of the event to be complete and in the past. We also release any outdated beliefs that may have been created at the time. The body is then able to return to its natural state of balance, with freedom from past trauma.

Bioenergy Balancing does not constitute treatment nor is it medical or diagnostic in nature. It is not a substitute for qualified medical, therapeutic, or chiropractic care although it works in a complementary fashion with any or all of these disciplines.

Physical Symptoms and Ailments  
Acid Reflux
Adrenal Function
Alzheimer's Disease
Arthritis - Osteo and Rheumatoid
Asperger's Syndrome
Asthma/Lung and Bronchial
Autistic Spectrum Disorder
Back, Neck and Muscle Pain
Breast Cancer
Candida/Yeast Infections
Childhood/Learning Syndromes
Cold Sores
C-Reactive Protein
Dental - Gum Recession, Mercury Fillings, Cavitations
Digestive Problems
Genital Warts
Heart Disease

Hormone Replacement
Kidney Function
Liver Function
Multiple Sclerosis (MS)
Parkinson's Disease
Prostate Health
Thyroid & Parathyroid Conditions
Tourette's Syndrome
Yeast Infections/Candida

Emotional and Spiritual Matters

Bipolar Disorder
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
Pre-natal and Past Life Events
Religious Indoctrination
Ritual Abuse
Traumas - Physical, Emotional or Sexual

Allergic reactions tend to stem from a negative association with a substance or food. This generally occurs when a person experiences a difficult or traumatic event simultaneous to exposure to a particular food or substance. The trauma and the food/substance become coupled, usually unconsciously. Subsequent exposures to the food/substance then re-trigger the initial event and a reaction occurs. By identifying when the reaction began, the body can very specifically reveal the negative association that has become coupled up with the allergen. We then clear the emotional charge through the body energy systems. Once the association between the emotional incident and the allergen is cleared, the metabolic error and symptoms clear as well. This has shown to be effective with food and/or substance allergies without avoidance or rotation diets.

Arthritis - Osteo and Rheumatoid
Underlying conditions vary with the type of arthritis, but we have found that osteo often implies a deficit in the amino acid tyrosine and/or an error in the fibro cartilage matrix (affecting the correct deposition of bone). Tyrosine deficiency can stem from poor utilization of folic acid and B-6. In the face of low tyrosine levels, the body tends to create knobs, spurs and other painful calcium deposits. The presence of fluoride also confuses the signal for appropriate placement of calcium. We ask the body about emotional incidents that underlie its failure convert folic acid and B-6 to their usable forms (tetrahydrofolic acid and pyrodoxal-5'-phosphate, respectively). We then clear these emotional blockages from the meridians of the body to restore the body's tyrosine production. If fluoride is, in fact, an issue, creating knobs and spurs, we recommend DMAE (also good for skin and brain) to detoxify the accumulated fluoride.

Rheumatoid, on the other hand, often has the characteristics of an "auto-immune" disorder (inflammation, pain, swelling and disfigurement). We have found that parasite activity, especially parasites dwelling in the synovial fluid in joints, is often implicated. We offer homeopathic remedies to clear the infestation, then Megabiotin and taurine or another fibrolytic remedy to restore the bone deposit to its natural matrix.

We have found that rheumatoid can also be generated by a mycoplasma. Mycoplasma is another type of parasite that operates by pulling the host's cells around it. The host's cells act as a shield for the mycoplasma. The host's immune system begins to launch what looks like an "auto-immune" response, when in fact it is attempting to get rid of the mycoplasma itself. This sets up the conditions often associated with rheumatoid such as inflammation, swelling, pain and disfigurement. We address mycoplasma with mushroom extracts that are very good at revealing the mycoplasma so the immune system can do its work. Mycoplasma can also be the culprit behind other chronic conditions such as fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS).
For brittle bones and osteoporosis, see Osteoporosis below.

Asthma/Lung and Bronchial
Toxins, negative associations and an underlying weakness in the immune function are areas we investigate with the body for asthma, lung and bronchial issues. We offer detoxifiers, clear any negative associations and inquire about any substances or past issues that may be compromising immune function. Often there is helpless grief that is being held in the body's energy systems. If this is the case, we identify the incident(s) and helpless feelings and clear them through the meridians, so the body can return to normal function with those incidents complete and in the past. Mycoplasma, a type of parasite (see Arthritis above) can also underlie chronic coughs and bronchial inflammation. In the case of mycoplasma the body generally requests mushroom extracts to rid itself of the organism.

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Back, Neck and Muscle Pain
Chronic misalignment of the vertebra and sacrum can be a source of back pain. Even with frequent chiropractic adjustments, sometimes a client's body will not maintain alignment due to difficulties with the collagen matrix (the infrastructure for proper placement of muscle and bone). We check to make certain that the client has all the components necessary to make collagen properly. Sometimes one or more of the components is being blocked by a negative association. In this case we would clear the negative emotional association so that normal collagen production can be restored. In many instances of back pain specific muscle groups may be pulling the spine out of alignment as well. By asking the body which muscles and when this began an emotional event is often revealed which is still being held in the musculature. By identifying and releasing the incident, the muscle can return to it's proper balance.

In some cases, back pain can be symptomatic of an inflammation response caused by poor food absorption through the intestinal tract. If the integrity of the villa in the small intestine is less than optimal (due to a gluten allergy, candida/yeast or parasite activity) undivided chains of carbohydrates or proteins can cross through the membranes. Also, compromised enzyme activity can cause foods to not be broken down as thoroughly as the body requires. In these instances the body reads these substances as invaders and sets forth an inflammation response to attack and destroy. Symptoms can range from back and muscle pain to migraines. We do the emotional clearings and/or provide suitable homeopathic remedies to get the body back on track. We've found that metals in the body can foster candida and yeast. In this case the body often requests a homeopathic detoxifier.

Breast Cancer
We have found that breast cancer often stems from an error in one of the estrogens produced by the body. An error in the production of estradiol, accompanied by an environmental toxin can produce unregulated cell proliferation resulting in cancerous tumors. We check to make sure that all the estrogen molecules (estradiol, estrone and estriol) as well as progesterone are being made correctly. If a toxin is found we would suggest a detoxifier as well. Cancer tends to flourish in a low oxygen, acidic environment. We address the blood acidity by checking the function of the urea cycle, which not only detoxifies ammonia in the body but also governs the availability of Vitamin D. Vitamin D is required for the kidney's production of bicarbonate, the "buffer" the kidneys discharge to regulate blood acidity. Between the urea cycle and the kidneys, the body maintains it's proper pH.

We also make certain that the urea cycle itself is operating properly. One amino acid required for the urea cycle is citrulline. If manganese is being blocked, citrulline will be insufficient compromising ammonia detoxification, availability of Vitamin D, and kidney bicarbonate availability. We have also found that citrulline is very important in helping the body to heal cancer. It acts to counteract bombesin, a substance that acts as a growth hormone to cancerous tumors and therefore is likely to discourage the proliferation of tissues. Restoring accurate estrogen (which the body will then appropriately regulate), detoxifying carcinogenic toxins, restoring serum pH levels and blood oxygenation can assist in addressing some of the nutritional issues involved with cancer.

~ TOP ~

Childhood/Learning Syndromes ~ (ADHD, Dyslexia)/Autistic Spectrum Disorder (including Asperger's/Alzheimer's/Tourette's/Lupus, etc.)
Often vaccination damage is implicated as an underlying source of these syndromes. Mercury, long used as a preservative in vaccine formulas, is in fact a heavy metal, which is a significant toxin to the brain. Other toxins, ineffective detoxification routes, poor nutrient absorption, infestations, emotional incidents and food allergies can also contribute significantly. For instance, an oat allergy can be fundamental to symptoms associated with ADHD. Oats have a high concentration of the neurotransmitter GABA, which normally has a calming affect on the body (by modulating acetylcholine levels). However, if an oat allergy exists, the body has difficulty making GABA, which can create an overly excited neural function resulting in hyperactivity, and impaired concentration. A particular trace mineral is also required for GABA synthesis. We work vibrationally to ensure the availability and regulation of GABA and other neurotransmitters - tracing their metabolic pathways - so that any errors, excesses or deficits can be resolved. With homeopathic remedies to reverse vaccination damage, detoxifiers to lighten the toxic load, proper trace mineral availability and appropriate emotional clearings, the body's function can be enhanced and GABA production restored. This can assist with focus, concentration, and overall brain/body function.

Candida/Yeast Infections
When the body gets out of balance organisms that normally occur in small amounts in the intestinal tract can grow and overwhelm the healthy bacterial colonies resulting in yeast infections, systemic candida or fungal infections. Antibiotics often set this process in motion, killing off the beneficial bacteria in the GI tract as well as any bacteria they might be prescribed to eliminate. A stealth source of antibiotics, which people don't often consider as an underlying contributor to yeast/candida are antibiotics you receive through commercial (non-organic) meat, cheese, eggs and dairy products. Commercial livestock receive large doses of antibiotics and growth hormones which end up in their meat, milk and eggs as well as any products derived from them (i.e. cheese, lunchmeats, etc.). A regular diet of these foods can undermine the good intestinal bacteria you need to stay healthy and in balance. Add some sugar and a little alcohol consumption and you've got a recipe for yeast/candida. Another contributor to this condition is often toxicity from heavy metals, which will drive down the immune system function.

In Bioenergy Balancing, we address these issues as well as any trauma, food allergies, sexual trust or shame issues that may be contributing. Nutritionally, we would recommend Candex, capricin, any detoxifiers the body may request and a good enterically coated probiotic to get the system back in balance…and avoidance of antibiotics from food sources.

~ TOP ~

Dental - Gum Recession, Mercury Fillings, Cavitations
If the gums are receding we work energetically with the body to determine what may be generating bone loss, which is often the underlying issue with pockets and infection. We identify and release any emotional incidents that may be contributing and also address nutritional or toxin issues that the body flags.

In the case of mercury fillings, vibrationally we check the biofield of the body to see if any old fillings may be leaking. If the body indicates that a specific filling has deteriorated and is leaking mercury into the system, we recommend that you have that filling replaced through appropriate dental procedures. We do not recommend wholesale replacement of all mercury fillings, but only replacement of those the body's intelligence indicates are a hazard.

Fluoride toxicity, if indicated by the body consciousness, is addressed by detoxification with DMAE, an inexpensive nutritional supplement. Fluoride is a cumulative toxin, so fluoride dental treatments as a child, fluoridated toothpaste and fluoridated drinking water can result in significant exposure. We have consistently found that fluoride produces significant health impacts including bone disease, impaired immune function, thyroid disorder, ineffective serotonin reception, and interstitial cystitis, among others.

If the body indicates that cavitations exist we do any emotional clearings that may be related and recommend the services of top-notch, natural dental care to remedy the situation.

Digestive Problems/Acid Reflux, Colitis, Diverticulitis, Polyps
Clues as to the source of digestive ailments are provided by the symptoms a client is experiencing. In Bioenergy Balancing we trace the digestive process from start to finish, correcting imbalances and their origins as we go. For instance, acid reflux symptoms often stem from deficient pancreatic bicarbonate, which normally alkalizes the pH of the stomach contents. This failure can cause the stomach contents to back-up rather than be released into the duodenum. Vibrationally, we can check gastrin, mucous lining and hydrochloric acid production for stomach issues; bile production and release and duct function for liver; bicarbonate and pancreatic enzyme production; the integrity of the small intestinal villi; the balance of the ileocecal valve and health of the colon.

If the body flags the presence of helicobacter pylori (the bacteria implicated in stomach ulcers), yeast, candida and/or intestinal parasites we provide nutritional remedies to eliminate them.

~ TOP ~

Heart Disease: Cholesterol/Homocysteine/Triglycerides/C-Reactive Protein
A high cholesterol reading can imply an error in the body's manufacture of cholesterol. If the liver is making cholesterol incorrectly, it will often make significantly higher amounts of it - so as to have enough of the correct form of the molecule for hormone production and other vital cholesterol related functions. We ask the body about any errors and clear the source of the error so that each molecule is produced accurately. We also check to make sure that the ratio of cholesterol to lecithin is as it should be and that liver function is not compromised by chronically held anger or exposure to toxins.

High homocysteine is implicated as a considerable hazard to heart and cardiovascular health. Homocysteine tends to create small tears in the artery walls, which draw in platelets for repair. In the presence of high homocysteine, cholesterol is attracted to the platelets and clings. Calcium, which holds an opposite chemical charge to the cholesterol, is then drawn to area, resulting in arterial plaques and potential blockages. We have found that an error in the methionine pathway (an amino acid found in wheat and meat) can occur at one stage of the cascade that blocks the passage of homocysteine to the next step. This step also requires the amino acid serine. Serine is blocked by a soy allergy. An allergy to one or both of these foods is often found to generate high homocysteine levels. We clear the source of the allergy and, if the body requests, offer supplements such as B-12, B-6, folic and TMG (tri-methyl-glycine) to help the body return to balanced production.

Research shows other risk factor in coronary heart disease, including high levels of triglycerides, high C-reactive protein (CRP) and high blood glucose. Vibrationally we check for any excesses and address the root causes emotionally and nutritionally. Often high triglycerides stem from a blockage of the amino acid serine (see soy allergy above) and/or a blockage of Vitamin C absorption. C-reactive protein (CRP) levels can increase due to underlying infection in the body and high blood glucose can result from a wheat allergy, incorrect insulin production or mineral shortages (see Pancreas/Hypoglycemia/Diabetes below). We identify the emotional incidents and nutritional issues, and do the energetic clearings to assist the body in recovering proper balance.

If arrhythmia or congestive heart failure is at issue, we address the heart's signaling system, co-Q-10 levels, any toxic load and the availability of taurine, an amino acid required for mineral distribution within the heart itself. We also investigate fat utilization errors and genetic affects. Emotionally we do the clearings of past incidents, which, not surprisingly, often stem from "matters of the heart."

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Herpes (Genital, Cold Sores and Shingles), HPV/Genital Warts
Herpes is a virus that is sequestered in the nerve cells. We have found that outbreaks often occur after intense UV exposure (skiing, etc.), and/or episodes of anger. Emotionally, anger resulting from feelings of being taken advantage of financially or sexually often is part of the mix. Deficiencies or blockages of Vitamin B-2 or Vitamin K may diminish the availability of lysine. A Lysine shortage often underlies the body's tendency toward outbreaks. We check the entire B Vitamin cascade (these vitamins are very interdependent - one blockage can throw off the entire cascade) and make sure the lysine is available to prevent the virus from attaching to the cells. We also address the underlying emotional issues. We have found that colostrum tests well for ridding the body of the virus.

With Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) or genital warts, we do the emotional clearings and provide a specific nutritional supplement, nattokinase, which the body consistently flags as an effective remedy for HPV.

High Blood Pressure
This condition can stem from issues of kidney or from heart. We first determine which is driving up the pressure. If it is kidney related it often has to do with fear and past incidents where fear still holding in the meridians of the body. High blood pressure can also result from toxic residue in the kidney's filtration system, which can obstruct the tubules or glomeruli. We also check out potassium/sodium balances and any improper signaling of aldosterone, an adrenal hormone the body uses to increase the pressure of the blood through the kidneys.

If the high blood pressure is heart mediated we investigate the proper function of the Baro receptors of the heart and any emotional clearings affecting them. Sometimes a toxin, here too, can drive up blood pressure. Once these issues are addressed and released through the body's energy circuitry, the pressure can become more normal.

Hormone Replacement/PMS/Reproduction/Fertility
Since many hormones are made from cholesterol, we first make certain that the cholesterol molecule is being made accurately. We then check the accuracy of the other essential hormones: pregnenolone, DHEA, progesterone, estradiol, estriol, estrone (in women) and androstenedione, and testosterone in men.

Symptoms of PMS and discomforts which can accompany menopause generally occur when progesterone is deficient or is being made inaccurately, resulting in a condition of estrogen dominance. Progesterone is required for comfortable menses, reproduction, gestation and bone health. In peri- or post-menopause the body might request supplemental progesterone (as a transdermal cream) a bio-identical source for progesterone. Progesterone is a precursor to the estrogens, so once the body has sufficient progesterone it can generally produce the estrogens necessary to ward off vaginal dryness, hot flashes and other difficulties that can arise at menopause.

Under conditions of long-term stress, cortisone or other steroid medication, progesterone will be inactivated affecting the menstrual cycle as well as bone health. For contrary to popular belief, it is progesterone that maintains long-term bone health. If a person has undergone long periods of high stress (producing high cortisol levels) or is on steroid medication we suggest taking the B vitamin, biotin, as this will protect the action of the progesterone without compromising the function of the medication. We also check for adrenal exhaustion, which can be an underlying cause of discomfort arising at menopause, and can be a significant player in creating hot flashes.

Fertility matters are also addressed by making certain that the hormones are functioning properly, that any toxins or nutritional deficits are remedied and by releasing any emotional incidents that may be negatively impacting fertility.

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Kidney/Adrenal Function
Kidney issues including high blood pressure are often about fear that has gotten stuck in the body's energy systems. Stones are addressed with natural remedies and clearing of any nutritional imbalances. Some stones are made of calcium oxalate, others can be calcium carbonate. We suggest B-6 for some kinds, and vitamin C for others, the body will identify what is needed. Acidic blood and edema often stem from kidney issues as well. We identify the issues and incidents that are caught in the meridians and release them so the body can return to normal function.

Adrenal stress and exhaustion is often a result of many incidents of fear or terror, producing long-term fight or flight reactions. Again, we clear the incidents and beliefs that are caught in the body's biofield and assist the body in maintaining itself in parasympathetic or calmer mode. Long-term adrenal stress can impact the bones, hormones and other vital functions.

Liver Function/Hepatitis
We've found that what generally underlies liver problems is anger and/or toxicity. We investigate these issues as well as bile production and release. We also check the ratio of cholesterol to lecithin and issues relating to hepatitis, if that is a problem. Our early clinical research is showing that a mushroom extract (Original 7) coupled with a noble gas tincture (Argon) assists the body in the handling of Hepatitis C. This condition tends to be complex, however, with many avenues to examine and no promises made.

Multiple Sclerosis (MS)
Medically MS is a degenerative disease characterized by loss of the myelin sheath surrounding the nerves and subsequent scarring, which impairs nerve conduction. In the case of MS we vibrationally check for parasites, mycoplasma or a fungus that may be damaging the myelin sheath. If this type of infestation is flagged, we provide appropriate homeopathic or herbal remedies to rid the body of the organisms. If scarring is already occurring, we give the body various fibrolytic remedy options to choose from. We also check for any toxic exposures that may be contributing. If the body flags any related emotional events, we clear those matters energetically through the meridians and chakras.

With osteoporosis we make sure the body has the amino acids and vitamins required to produce collagen (from which the body makes bone as well as muscle, ligaments, tendons, cartilage, etc.) and is using the minerals it needs to lay down good quality bone. We check that the proper ratio exists between calcitonin and parathyroid hormone so the bone is maintained properly; check for availability of calcium/magnesium and Vit D as well as progesterone/testosterone for deposition and we check for accumulated fluoride which tends to impair bone quality and density. We also investigate any emotional issues or incidents regarding lack of support or self-concepts of fragility.

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Pancreatic stress often shows up with symptoms of hypoglycemia (low blood sugar). Hypoglycemia can cause sugar cravings, fatigue and hunger. Very often, low blood sugar causes weight gain and volatile emotional swings, adrenal fatigue and very low blood pressure. This can go on for years. It can eventually lead to diabetes. This "syndrome" often points to a methionine cascade disorder, which can result from a wheat and/or meat allergy. A wheat allergy is often about Dad (the "bread winner" and "one who brings home the dough"). If this is the case, we resolve the allergy. We also explore parasites or toxins that might be blocking the beta cell production of insulin. We make sure the body has the trace minerals it needs to construct accurate insulin (rubidium) and those needed to allow the glucose to enter the cell (vanadium and chromium). The insulin molecule requires that two chains of peptides be joined by two sets of double sulfide bonds. Sometimes a belief based on past trauma can cause a person to decide, "not to make bonds." The body's intelligence, being quite literal, may interpret this edict, as an instruction not to make the bonds required for healthy insulin production. Emotional issues of helpless sympathy (wanting to rescue or save someone) can also be held in the pancreas meridian. We clear whatever incidents may underlie this way of interacting in relationships, intend the best and make no promises.

Parkinson's Disease
Medically, Parkinson's is characterized by the body's inability to manufacture sufficient amounts of the neurotransmitter, dopamine. Dopamine requires the availability of tyrosine, an amino acid that is dependent on folic acid (as tetrahydrofolic acid or THFA) and vitamin B-6 (as pyrodoxal-5'-phosphate) for its production. With Parkinson's we check the availability of tyrosine and any biochemical or emotional issues that may be blocking its availability. We vibrationally check all the other neurotransmitters, as well and the function of the various organs of the brain, including the basil ganglia/substantia nigra and cerebellum. Toxins such as aspartame (among others) can also play a part. We recommend avoidance of aspartame and detoxify it with NAC (N-acetyl-L-cysteine).

Prostate Health
If issues of frequent urination and urgency are a problem or if a man has been diagnosed with an enlarged prostate, Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH), have a high PSA or prostate cancer we check the cholesterol-related hormone cascade to make sure the testosterone is being synthesized accurately, and that everything is as it should be. If it is not, we ask the body's biofield when the hormone error was initiated and assist the man in identifying and releasing the helpless feeling(s) that generated the error. We also make certain there are no toxins underlying the problem.

We have observed that a shortage of oxytocin, a molecule that is made in the hypothalamus and stored in the pituitary, isimplicated in the swelling associated with BPH. Oxytocin is known as the "nurturing hormone," so we check any emotional events that may be caught as well as any mineral blockages that may be creating symptoms. Oxytocin production requires zinc, manganese, iodine as well as Vitamin C. Food allergies are also investigated for their possible bearing on the situation.

If cancer is at issue, we look into blood pH issues, oxygenation, parasite activity, availability of citrulline and any emotional incidents that may be caught in the meridians and depleting the system.

Skin & Hair
With skin and hair we make sure the body is absorbing vitamins and minerals correctly. We also make certain that there are no parasites, hormonal issues or negative associations that might be impacting the health of the hair and nails. Toxins coming in through hair dyes are also reviewed and detoxified, if the body indicates a problem.

~ TOP ~

Thyroid and Parathyroid Conditions
For thyroid function we check the availability and accuracy of thyroxin, which the body manufactures from the amino acid tyrosine along with the mineral iodine. If the tyrosine is unavailable we check for emotional blocks to its manufacture and make sure that the body has all the elements it needs to produce and utilize it, particularly folic acid (as tetrahydrofolic) and vitamin B-6 (as pyrodoxal-5'-phosphate). We also check that iodine isn't being fluoridated which would inhibit the effectiveness of the thyroxin.

Little nodules called the parathyroids, located on posterior thyroid, produce parathyroid hormone. Together with calcitonin, the parathyroid hormone assures the correct balance of calcium in the blood and in the bone. If there is an imbalance we address the underlying issues - emotional or biochemical.

The temporomandibular joint (TMJ) can hold chronic stress, which results in teeth grinding, headaches and significant discomfort. In Bioenergy Balancing we identify and energetically release the physical and emotional incidents that may underlie this tension. In dialogue with the body consciousness we assist in finding the source of the imbalance in the musculature surrounding the TMJ that may be pulling it out of alignment. We also address the quality of the collagen production and make certain any related nutritional and/or toxins are addressed.

Many everyday toxins affect physical health and vitality. Among them are additives (aspartame, MSG, fluoride), household products (Bounce, fabric softeners, cleaning solutions, woodworking finishers), out gassing from home construction projects, environmental toxins (MTBE, pesticides, herbicides), heavy metals and toxins associated with work environments (printing, welding, electronics manufacture, x-ray). We track down the toxins that are causing you difficulty and use a variety of homeopathic, herbal and nutritional supplements to detoxify them.

Emotional and Spiritual Matters
Bioenergy Balancing allows you to identify all manner of emotional and spiritual (i.e. limiting beliefs) issues you may be holding. In communication with your body, we pinpoint and then release charged issues and disempowering decisions. These matters are often the basis of repeating patterns, unhealthy relationships, stress, boundary issues and self-sabotage as well as physical complaints and nutritional difficulties.

With depression we check that the neurotransmitters, particularly serotonin and dopamine are being synthesis accurately. We also trace the tryptophan pathway (one way the body makes serotonin) to make certain that it is not being blocked by a toxin or a milk allergy. Milk allergies often stem from unresolved issues with mother. With dopamine we check that the body has adequate tyrosine levels - the amino acid required to make dopamine. Tyrosine requires folic acid (as tetrahydrofolic or THFA) and vitamin B-6 (as pyrodoxal-5'-phosphate) for its synthesis. We also check on any emotional issues and traumas that underlie the condition.

~ TOP ~

Bipolar and OCD
If you have been diagnosed with either of these conditions we would check on the accuracy of your neurotransmitter synthesis, the availability of minerals (especially zinc) and any emotional events that may be pertinent. High copper and inaccurate dopamine and serotonin levels can contribute to these symptoms. We ask the body what's caught and do the clearings. We always recommend that you continue all prescribed medications until your doctor has told you it is safe to stop them.

We identify and clear any past experiences (sometimes even past life experiences) or negative associations that are holding a phobia in place. If there were panic associated with your phobia(s), we would check your Vitamin B-1 availability. Low B-1 can give people a sense of doom and gloom and/or feelings of panic. Alcohol consumption tends to drive down B-1 levels or you may be blocking absorption of B-1 due to a negative association with "being alone" or being "one of them." The body is quite literal in its interpretation and can refuse to absorb a vitamin or mineral based on these puns.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
When events are traumatic and overwhelming the body will harbor these incidents energetically or in energetic splits that hold the emotional content of the event.  This is a powerful coping mechanism that allows a person to endure and survive devastating trauma.  Unfortunately once a trauma is driven from consciousness, it is difficult to retrieve and resolve the experience.  These unresolved traumas can then be re-triggered by events that seem similar or that the body somehow associates with the original trauma.  Combat situations, rape, abuse and other major traumas can result in chronic anxiety, depression, addiction, difficulty healing physical wounds and other debilitating symptoms.  We work with PTSD by gentle and compassionate questioning of the body.  We retrieve and clear the splits by clearing the terror and other unresolved feelings that have been sequestered from the conscious mind.  Once these traumas have been released from the energy field of the body, the cleared energy is returned to the client so that the trauma can be resolved, complete and in the past, where it belongs.  This allows a return to natural balance, peace of mind and the ability to stay in current time.

Religious Indoctrination/Ritual Abuse
Sometimes religious doctrine can be used for less than holy purposes.  This can lead to feelings of shame, self blame and an unconscious commitment to suffering.  Under these circumstances even the ability to act on one's own behalf is labeled as selfish and wrong.  Healthy sexual impulses can lead to feelings of guilt and loving sexual expression and pleasure can feel out of reach.  In extreme situations of ritual abuse, the wounds can create splits and nearly rob people of fundamental selfhood.

In matters of religious indoctrination, we clear the past incidents and limiting beliefs that drive this conditioning.  We allow clients to release emotional patterns and unconscious thinking that underlies feelings of guilt and shame allowing them to recover clarity as to what they desire and the ability to love and enjoy themselves and their human body.

If the trauma is from ritual abuse we work with the split off energies, intrusions and brainwashing that can often be a part of this syndrome.  We allow clients to release the terror and trauma from different incidents and ages so that they can become more grounded in current time and feel safe.  These traumas are often multi-layered and although it is possible to recover from such severe and continuous abuse, the process of getting free from ritual abuse can require years of healing.

Traumas - Physical, Emotional or Sexual
Accidents, traumas, physical/emotional or sexual abuse are cleared from the body's energy systems by identifying the incidents and then releasing the helpless emotions and shock that have been held by the body for so long. With accidents or physical traumas, sometimes the biofield is being held off the body or it may be dissociated, with the energy and trauma of the incident being held as a split. When events are particularly overwhelming, this is the body's protective mechanism for coping with the trauma.

In Bioenergy Balancing we clear the emotional charge and shock from such incidents and return that cleared energy to you. This allows the emotional triggers stemming from the event to be cleared, along with painful memories and any physical repercussions. It also allows the oxygen and nutrients to get back to the tissues so that healing can occur. With accidents, sometimes the energy field of a limb or other injured aspect remains out-of-date, holding the energy of the impact. We clear the trauma through the meridians and chakras and bring the biofield up to present time.

Sometimes people's energy field or auric field is a bit too permeable, allowing other people's energy to be invasive and draining. We assist you in identifying who is intruding and why. We then do the clearings and assist you in discovering what resonance you may be holding that is drawing in the psychic intrusion. We assist with ways you can maintain the integrity and sovereignty of your own energy field free from interlopers.

Prenatal and Past Life Events
Often the body will flag prenatal or past life incidents that are stuck and causing difficulty for you in current time. We find out what happened, how it is caught energetically and release the stuck energy through the meridians and chakras so that you can be clear of these past events and traumas as well as any agreements or contracts based in the past that may be limiting your choices now.

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Sarah McCroskey - Director/Certified Practitioner

Bioenergy Balancing does not constitute treatment, nor is it medical or diagnostic in nature.
It is not a substitute for qualified medical, therapeutic, or chiropractic care,
although it can work in a complementary fashion with any or all of these disciplines.


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What is Bioenergy Balancing? How the Body Communicates How Does it Work? The Experience